The ICD Program for Human Rights & Global Peace

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According to the UN Millennium Development Goals, environmental sustainability has become a priority in guaranteeing a safe future for following generations. Climate change is significantly affecting many aspects of modern live and increasing poverty conditions in developing countries. Therefore, immediate solutions for a sustainable planet are necessary in working towards global stability.

When considering environmental issues, long-term national interests should converge towards the common goal of creating a sustainable society and unanimously agreed-upon action must be taken. To date, environmental summits such as the Rio +20 and the Doha Climate Change Conference have revealed how urgent it is to achieve collective action between international political actors in order to take on these challenges.

Successful initiatives at a national level often involve the participation of civil society institutions, such as environmental NGOs, lobbies, and legal firms. These groups are capable of shaping cultural habits and public opinion in favor of a more sustainable approach towards a wide range of issues leading to concrete political and legal outcomes.

The ICD recognizes the vital role that civil society plays in the realm of environmental policy-making, and calls for increased cooperation of these groups at an international level. Furthermore, we believe an interdisciplinary and holistic approach on this issue is necessary as sustainable development entails different areas of actions, particularly environment, economy, and social affairs.

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy has therefore initiated the Environmental Responsibility & Climate Change Initiative in order to draw attention, explore, discuss, and promote issues concerning environmental responsibility and climate change challenges with the aim to develop proposed solutions. The initiative will also focus on the importance of building and supporting dialogue between science and civil society in order to raise awareness and provide viable solutions through domestic and international policy considerations.



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