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Cultural Diplomacy and Human Rights, Genocide, Human Rights

The Need for a Collective Alliance in the Prevention of Genocide & Mass Atrocities

By Aleksandar Brisevac, The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy.

Between May 27th and June 1st 2013, the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin held a Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy and Human Rights “Towards a Global Human Rights Culture: The Need for a Collective Alliance in the Protection & Promotion of Human Rights”.

The conference provided the platform for activists, experts, academics and world leaders involved in the field of Human Rights to come together, create alliances, and better coordinate their activities, thus promoting better implementation and enforcement of Human Rights in a more effective nature.

One of the speakers at the Symposium was Minister Ögmundur Jónasson, Former Minister of the Interior of Iceland. Ögmundur Jónasson is an Icelandic politician and historian. He became Iceland’s Minister of Health in February 2009, but resigned on 30 September in connection with the Icesave dispute. He returned to Cabinet of Iceland in January 2011 to head the newly created Ministry of the Interior. He has been a member of the Althing (Iceland’s parliament) since 1995.

Mister Ögmundur gave a Lecture on the topic of “The Need for a Collective Alliance in the Prevention of Genocide & Mass Atrocities”

“When we look back in history, following the Nuremberg Trials in 1945-46, and the adoption of the Genocide Convention five years later, the United Nations in effect absolved itself from any responsibility in the realm of Genocide prevention and punishment. Decades past without any international trials for war criminals or those guilty of taking part in genocides. During the Cold war the absurdity of the situation became so pronounced that none of the mass killings from the 1950’ until the late 1980’ were denounced by the UN as genocides”.

To find out more about Mr. Ögmundur Lecture please take your time to watch the video below.

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