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Human Rights

Greek Foremen Shoot Strawberry Pickers


By Dante Kotsinas, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. In Manolada, Greece, it seems that for years local landowners have been exploiting foreign land laborers, while authorities have consistently failed – or have not had the will- to address these human rights violations.

Yesterday, 200 migrant workers, most of them coming from Bangladesh and Pakistan, demanded their salaries of the last six months which they had not yet received. Following an intense quarrel between the laborers and field supervisors, the foremen decided to respond with guns and bullets!

Eight workers have been heavily injured while about 20 suffer lighter injuries. The perpetrators have not yet been arrested since they have fled away and their whereabouts remain unknown.

In what sounds like a feeble and ridiculous announcement (if you are a Greek and know a few things about the current situation), the Minister of Public Order and Citizen Protection commented:

“In today’s Hellenic Republic, the economic exploitation of hundreds or thousands of our fellow citizens cannot be tolerated. Nor can we accept them living in unacceptable conditions. Let alone, them being attempted to be murdered.”

To read more on Greece’s treatment of migrants and asylum-seekers, click here

Image source, click here

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One thought on “Greek Foremen Shoot Strawberry Pickers

  1. The link takes you to a picture showing a banner which was raised today (24/04/13) in one of the most central spots of Athens. The banner was carrying a message writing “Raise your voice, fight against state censorship”, while also the Greek flag that existed in the spot, was replaced by an anarchic flag.
    The incident is associated to the solidarity actions for the people ‘s media -contra informative media, Athens Indymedia and 98FM-, that were shut down from the Greek State some days ago. Unfortunately, the Greek police forces had to intervine in order the national flag to be replaced; six people were arrested and 69 taken to the police station (two of them were tourists).

    Posted by ALEX | April 24, 2013, 4:27 pm

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